Why are Shearling Mules So Expensive?

Shearling mules are one of the most comfortable and luxurious slippers available. Made from the fur and skin of a lamb or sheep, this footwear option is a go-to choice for many people. Do you also desire to buy these mules? If yes, one thing that will most likely shock you while purchasing is the incredibly high price of these slippers.

But have you ever wondered what the exact reason behind this high cost is? In this comprehensive blog post, we will address these questions.

Also, we will discuss the key factors contributing to these luxurious mules' cost. But, first of all, let's talk a little about what they are in the following section:

What are Shearling Mules?

Shearling mules are a specific type of slipper made from sheepskin shorn to a uniform length and tanned with the wool still affixed. The wool is left on the slipper's interior, offering insulation and a comfortable and soft feel against the skin. Whereas the outer layer of leather aids in providing durability and protection.


Reasons Behind the High Cost of Shearling Mules

• Skilled Labour

A significant factor contributing to the high cost of this footwear is the skilled labor required for manufacturing them. Creating these is a highly laborious and time-consuming procedure that involves several steps as follows:

Choosing and preparing the materials
Cutting and sewing the slipper
Attaching the sole

Skilled artisans must ensure that every process step is carried out with utmost care and precision. It is something that adds to the overall price of the final product.

 • High-Quality Materials

Shearling Mule Slippers are highly expensive as they are made from the best quality materials. It includes 100 percent genuine lambskin and leather. The fur and skin for manufacturing these slippers are meticulously chosen for durability, warmth, and softness.

The outer portion of the slipper is made from leather or suede, which is also of top-notch quality. All these ensure that your slipper will last long without losing its luster.

• Limited Production

Shearling mules are often produced in small quantities, which can increase their cost. It is because the material employed for manufacturing these slippers is of high quality. Also, as the production process is time-intensive, producing those in large quantities is not feasible.

This footwear option is often produced as special editions or sold in limited runs. It can make them even more valuable to fans or collectors of the brand. Limited production means the production cost would be higher, which impacts the final price.

• Brand Name

Another major factor that can impact the price of shearling mules is the brand name. Like any other type of luxury product, the brand name plays a considerable role in how much a customer is willing to pay for a pair of mules.

The prices of products by high-end brands will be higher when compared to less expensive brands, even if the production procedure and materials are the same for both cases.

 • Environmental Concerns

Shearling mules are made from a natural material, so their production impacts the environment. Many manufacturers are involved in adopting best practices for lessening the environmental impact, like ethical production practices and using sustainable materials. However, these particular steps can add to the overall production cost, reflected in the final price.


So, the above discussed are a few significant reasons shearling mules come with a high price tag. Although the cost may be high, you need to note that this product is a luxury item that provides both style and comfort. Investing in a pair of top-quality mules may be worth the price due to their durability and high comfort.

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