Are Shearling Slippers Machine Washable?

So, you received a blissful pair of shearling slippers as a birthday gift and unraveled the absolute comfort you have been deprived of for so long. This pair is easily accommodated most of your outfits and is ideal for indoors and outdoors. You have been in and around, out and about in these clean and caring shearling slippers. Now comes the time to show some love to retain their goodness. As tempted you are to toss them into the washing machine, we would like to stop you right there.

Anton Shearling Slippers

The Ultimate Guide to Shearling Care

Of course, preventing stains is a better way but, with all that roaming they are likely to gather dirt and spots. With a little effort that it requires, so how you can keep these slippers around for extended years. If it is suede, you need to be extra careful as washing them in the machine can dry them out. Your slippers will become uncomfortable and stiff. So, you might want to read a thing or two before making that one mistake which can take you away from this unconditional warmth. Here are our top tips on how to clean shearling slippers to make them look like new!

#1. When you wash shearling slippers, it is advised to only clean them as needed to remove dirt. Shearling products should be dry cleaned or washed by hand as chemicals, bleaching agents or hot water can cause irreversible damage to shearling slippers.

#2. Go step by step to restore the look and feel

  • Fill up the tub, washbasin, or bucket enough to submerge the slippers with cool or room temperature water. Add mild detergent or wool soap with the manufacturer's instruction for the amount to be used.
  • Now, allow the slippers to soak in the water for about 10 minutes. Rub the dirt spots or stains with a gentle cloth to lightly loosen them up.
  • Remove the slipper from soap water and clean them under cool water to remove any soap.
  • For removing the moisture, wring and squeeze the slippers. Try to absorb as much moisture by pressing a towel on the slippers.
  • Retain the shape of the slippers by stuffing the toes of the slippers with paper towels and allow them to air-dry indoors.
  • The clean shearling slippers are now ready to keep you company while looking as good as new.

#3. Keep them away from direct heat and use a damp cloth to pat dry. You can use a gentle brush too.

Yes, it is this easy to take care of them so, they take care of your feet.

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