How to Clean Your Shearling Slippers?

If you happen to own a pair of authentic shearling slippers, then you may fondle upon the thought ‘ can I wash my slippers’ once in a while too. After all, keeping them dirt-free and cleaning them properly is the key to make them look as good as new for longer. So, it is important to know exactly how to clean and care to avoid an unnecessary trip to the dry cleaners. You would also want to spend as little on those costly cleaning kits and are looking for household supplies to make use of them. So, here we are with the tips that come handy to take good care of that friendly pair.

shearling slippers

Don’t wait until it’s too late

The best way for being able to clean shearling slippers for women is to treat the stain or dirt right away. The chances of removing the stain become slim to none if you let it stick around for days. That being said, if the pair gets soiled overall, there is no other way than to rush it to dry cleaners for professional care to restore its shine.

Mild detergent or shampoo is a good idea

A great product for genuine shearling slippers for men, shampoo or detergent that are mild is used with a rag and cool water to blot the soiled part. A gentle rinse and careful hand blot the extra moisture with a towel and then, let it dry outdoors keeping it away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. When the wool is nearly dried, brush it up until the shearling in the cleaned area matches the rest. 

Stain removal from suede shearling slippers

 Rain and stain shield made for suede or leather is most important for shearling slippers, in case you plan to wear the slippers outdoors. The non-silicone rain repellent protects the slippers from water spotting while helping them resist soiling, even when you put them on day after day. A suede cleaner also does the trick for removing the spots.

Additional recommendations to make your slippers last

Shearling slippers are made in naturally durable material and last for years with the proper care. Continue to enjoy the comfort by simply following the recommendations for sheepskin cleaning and care.

- A Gentle brush on the surface is required to remove dirt.
- Use a clean and damp sponge to clean the moisten the surface. Apply a small amount of specialist cleaning foam for the sheepskin to gently scrub with damp sponge.
- Soak up excess water with a damp cloth then, let it dry.
- Use a suede brush to the shoes lightly.

To know more about how to wash sheepskin slippers which gives you a long-lasting comfort all year round.

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