Do Shearling Booties Stretch?

Shearling booties are a popular choice for everyone searching for a soft, comfortable footwear option that offers warmth and looks stylish. Made with 100 percent genuine shearling, these booties are well known for providing a luxurious and cozy feel to your feet.

However, if you are looking forward to purchasing a pair of shearling booties, you may wonder whether they will stretch over time. We have designed this detailed guide to clear any confusion related to this.

We will explore this question and discuss the factors influencing their stretchiness. But before that, let's have a quick look at what these booties are in the forthcoming section:

What are Shearling Booties?

Shearling booties are a footwear option made from the wool and skin of sheep or lamb. The shearling's warm and soft inner layer is typically utilized for manufacturing these booties.

At the same time, the outer layer is usually leather or suede. The wool on the inside portion of these shoes offers outstanding insulation, which helps keep your feet warm and dry. On the other hand, the leather or suede present on the exterior part adds to its style and durability.

Does These Booties Stretch?

The short answer to this question is yes. Shearling booties do stretch. The natural materials used to manufacture the booties are pliable and soft. It effectively conforms to the shape of your feet. However, several factors impact the amount of stretching. It incorporates the following:

• The Quality of the Shearling

Compared to low-quality shearling, high-quality shearling is much less likely to stretch. So, if you have planned to buy shearling booties, choose one made with top-quality and authentic materials. This way, you can ensure your shoes maintain their shape perfectly over time.

• The Thickness of the Shearling

Thicker shearling tends to stretch less than thinner ones. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to consider the thickness of the material while selecting shearling booties.

• The Fit of the Booties

If the booties you choose are too tight, they may stretch out to fit your feet perfectly. On the other hand, if you end up selecting a loose one, they are much less likely to stretch.

• The Amount of Wear

Booties worn frequently may stretch more when compared to the ones that are only occasionally worn. After learning about the key factors, it is time to look at the tips for achieving a comfortable fit. Let's have a look:

Top Tips for Attaining a Perfect Fit

 • Go for the Right Size

While you buy these specific booties, choose the accurate size that perfectly fits your feet. It should not be tight, but feet snug. Too tight booties may fail to stretch adequately to attain a comfortable fit.

• Make Use of a Stretching Spray

You can use a stretching spray if your booties fail to stretch adequately. This spray will help them to conform to your feet's shape. Just spray the interior part of the booties and wear them after they dry.

• Wear Them Around the House

After you have bought your booties, make sure to wear them around the house for a few days. It will allow those to stretch and perfectly conform to your feet's shape. Not only that, but it will also help identify any pressure points or areas that may require extra stretching.

• Utilize a Shoe Stretcher

You can even make use of a shoe stretcher for stretching your booties. You need to insert a shoe stretcher into the booties, which helps stretch them out. Leave the stretcher into the booties overnight or for several hours. Finally, remove this tool to see whether you have achieved desired results.

Final Thoughts

So, it is clear from this blog that shearling booties can stretch over time, but the amount of stretch can vary based on the construction and quality of the materials. To ensure your shoes maintain shape, you must adopt the proper care practices like brushing them regularly, storing them appropriately, etc. We hope you have found it to be valuable.

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