How to Choose the Right Pair of Handmade Shearling Slippers?

If your old pair of slippers has reached its end of life or if the weather is making you find a new one go for handmade shearling slippers which comes in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Here are some of the considerations to make while choosing the right one for you: 

Choose the right size

Like your outdoor shoes, the handmade shearling slippers should be of the right fit because comfort is as important as style. So choose the perfect fit, a size bigger or smaller is all that it takes to make you want to walk bare-feet instead of wearing those slippers. The style of the slippers also matters, if you have feet that are:

  • Narrow to medium-wide then a ballot shoe is ideal
  • Medium to wide, then an open-toe style of slipper is best

Jane Womens Slippers

Types of slippers

There are different designs of slippers and choice is based on personal style. But what is to be known is each style has different uses, some of the types are:

  • Moccasin slippers: They are closed-back slippers which prevent the foot from slipping out
  • Slipper boots or bootie slippers: They are shearling providing great warmth and comfort and best suited for outdoors during winters
  • Open heel slippers: These can be slipped on easily and is good for moderate temperature

Maine Mens Slippers

Indoor or outdoor

The soles of the slippers should be durable and one needs to determine beforehand if it is intended for outdoor purpose or not. If it is for indoor then the soles can be soft but if it is for outdoor like wearing it to the garden or to the garage then the sole should be sturdy and have the right grip. Choose a good quality handmade shearling slippers to keep you comfortable indoor or outdoor.


Shearling slippers are no longer restricted to the elderly or the infirm, these days designer slippers that can match your wardrobe whether indoor or outdoor is available in the market. You can look special with a pair of fashionable designer slippers which will give you a great look when at home or dressed for an evening.

There is nothing better than slipping your feet into a warm pair of handmade shearling slippers and experiencing the ultimate comfort they offer! Find your pair now!

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