Choose Genuine Shearling Footwear to Enjoy Comfort & Durability

Purchasing shearling footwear involves participating in a clothing tradition as old as human civilization. Shearling footwear are a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor slippers, giving us the comfort of a house slipper while still being durable enough for outdoor wear. Do you know? After just a few months of use, ordinary synthetic footwear shows signs of wear and tear. Only a few designs offer good comfort, while others leave you with bites and blisters...enough to put you off such varieties for good. What’s the alternative?


Five awesome qualities about shearling that you never knew

Have you ever come across a footwear variety that has five distinct qualities about it? - Certainly not with synthetic footwear. You can only find them in genuine shearling slippers. Here is a look at these qualities which sets them apart from others.

  • Durable & Long-Lasting - A pair will last for years together.
  • Water-resistant - Has the ability to absorb one-third of its weight in water.
  • Anti-bacterial - It has lanolin which fights bacteria thus keeping feet skin healthy and preventing blisters.
  • Keeps feet warm - It is lined with wool and has a tanned outer surface - qualities that keep the feet warm even when the temperature outside is 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Made the traditional way - It is manufactured through a rigorous tanning process which gives it a soft yet strong outer skin.

Very Stylish

Shearling sheepskin is ‘the footwear’ for the fashion-conscious, because of its amazing range of designs and colors. You can find a model available for every preference – short shearling boots, shearling slippers, tall boots with or without cuffs, sandals, wedges etc. All that’s the rage in footwear fashion is available in shearling and more? If you want to look stylish for a party or else sport a formal office look, shearling footwear has styles to suit all your moods and needs.


How to find the right pair?

If you want maximum coverage for your feet, opt for tall shearling boots. On the other hand, if you feel the need for more freedom, look into clogs and slippers. Their design may expose a part of your outer feet but they have inner shearling layers to keep the feet warm.

Some Important Tips

  • Apply sealant over your pair to protect it from dirt.
  • Do not dry clean them or put them in the washer or dryer.
  • Buy the exact fit as once you start using them, the footwear will get loose since shearling has stretching quality.
  • Store them in a shady area to allow for natural airflow so that they dry naturally.
  • Genuine shearling is water-resistant but not waterproof.

It is to be noted that shearling is a natural material, strong, lightweight, and soft. Footwear made from it gives maximum comfort, even when used for long hours.

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